General Information

Tristram Clinic aims to offer specialist medical advice and treatment to patients living in the greater Waikato area.

How to find us

Tristram Clinic is now at 200 Collingwood Street, Hamilton.

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Appointments for Tristram Vascular Ultrasound and with our doctors and nurses can be arranged by telephoning the office at (07) 838-1035, or if you prefer, by e-mailing our receptionist.

We try to be on time. Occasionally emergencies arise or unavoidable delays cause clinics to run late. Reception staff will try to inform you of any known delay upon your arrival. Please allow plenty of time (up to two hours), or re-schedule your appointment if you are unable to wait. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

What to bring with you

If you have a referral letter from your doctor, bring this as well as any relevant X-rays, blood test results and reports, if you have them. Please bring the names of all your medications, and creams/ointments etc. used for your skin condition. You will be asked to complete a registration form on arrival, or you can complete this in advance by asking our receptionists to send it to you.

Surgical procedures

Tristram Clinic has an operating theatre for surgical procedures requiring local anaesthetic. These procedures are not usually performed on the day of initial consultation. We will try to schedule a procedure at a time convenient to you, but this will also depend on our waiting lists, as well as the urgency and complexity of the procedure.

Our facility at 200 Collingwood Street has an operating theatre and recovery area for day-case general anaesthetics.

Major surgery is also performed under general anaesthetic at Braemar Hospital and Southern Cross Hospital. .


If it is necessary to cancel an appointment for consultation or local anaesthetic procedure, please do so at least 24 hours before your appointment time. There are always emergency patients to be seen and cancelled appointments enable us to accommodate them.

If you need to cancel your appointment for a general anaesthetic operation, we would appreciate two weeks' notice whenever possible, to enable us to schedule another patient's procedure.


In the event of an urgent or emergency situation:


A referral from your General Practitioner is preferred for medical consultations. Some insurance companies will not pay specialists' fees without a referral. Referrals are not necessary for cosmetic consultations, however it is usual for the consultant to send your G.P (or referring doctor) a letter to inform them of your visit. If you do not wish such a letter to be sent, please let the specialist know upon consultation.

Prior approval

Many medical insurance organisations and in particular ACC may require a prior approval before the patient is seen by a Consultant, especially when a procedure is to be performed. If you are in doubt please contact your medical insurance organisation.

Payment of fees

Payment should be made at the time of consultation. In some cases, prepayment is required for surgical procedures.

For further details, please refer to the Tristram Clinic patient fees page.


There are plenty of parking spaces for patients at 200 Collingwood Street.

For further information on any of the services mentioned, please do not hesitate to contact a staff member on (07) 838-1035 or email.