Stuart McNicoLL MBChB FRACS (plastics)

Plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon

Dr McNicoLL

Mr Stuart McNicoLL is a highly qualified, experienced and talented Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. With plastic and reconstructive surgery Stuart believes that there is no substitute for experience that can only be gained with years of post qualification surgery. Stuart has gained this valuable experience both in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. He has developed particular interest and considerable experience in the following procedures:

Aesthetic Facial Surgery Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
Face and neck lifts (upper, mid and lower)
Brow Lift
Blepharoplasty (upper and lower eyelid tuck)
Rhinoplasty (nose)
Genioplasty (chin implant/alteration)
Otoplasty (ear setback)
Head and neck cancer
Skin cancer and melanoma
Facial reconstruction
Scars and burns reconstruction
Breast & Body Surgery Hand Surgery
Breast lift (mastopexy)
Breast augmentation
Breast reduction
Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck/liposuction)
Body Lift
Upper arm/thigh lifts

Paediatric Plastic Surgery
Cleft palate and lip
Ear reconstruction

Mr McNicoLL is a member of the following professional associations that are devoted to the maintenance of excellent ethical and professional standards within the field:

As the senior specialist plastic surgeon practicing at Tristram Clinic, Mr McNicoLL has overseen and guided the growth of this very successful clinic since 1995. His reputation as a highly talented surgeon is known throughout the Bay of Plenty, Waikato and further a field as is his ability to interpret the requests of his patients into achievable and long-lasting results. With a very real interest in maintaining excellence in his specialist fields of aesthetic facial surgery and breast surgery, Stuart feels strongly that subtlety and enhancement is the key and can be achieved by your choice of expert surgeon.

Mr McNicoLL thrives on working in an environment with other skilled surgeons, all of them drawing on the experience and fields of expertise in which they practice. He is a visiting consultant plastic surgeon at Waikato Hospital and as well as operating there once a month he is also charged with training Registrars as prospective Plastic Surgeons. He performs minor procedures at Tristram Clinic and operates regularly at Braemar and Southern Cross hospitals in Hamilton.

His skill as a surgeon today is because of his in-depth experience in the field of plastic surgery. Mr McNicoLL graduated from Otago Medical School in 1985 with distinction and went on to work in branches of the Auckland Hospital system. His specialised plastic surgery training was completed at Middlemore Hospital in 1993 giving him fellowship in the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. A move to London saw him complete his post-fellowship sub-specialty training in paediatric and cosmetic plastic surgery, an area he continues to work in correcting cleft and lip palates and other congenital deformities. During his time in London, he worked alongside some of the most famous and respected plastic surgeons in Europe and in 1995 brought back to his New Zealand patients, techniques he acquired whilst overseas.

Mr McNicoLL uses experience and good judgement to combine the most modern advancements with well established techniques. Communicating with your plastic surgeon is an integral part of developing a trusting relationship so treatment options can be tailored to your desired outcome. Known for his excellent listening skills, friendly approachable manner and ability to reassure patients about procedures, what to expect after surgery and follow up care, is something Stuart McNicoLL is also well known for. Confidentiality and privacy are a given and client testimonials are available. Whilst he is particularly au fait on the current plastic surgery trends, Stuart McNicoLL feels strongly about the need to advise patients on the longevity and reality of procedures in accordance with their wishes. It may be that you believe you need a full-face lift to achieve the results you require. After a one on one consultation with Mr McNicoLL – or bring along a friend or partner if you prefer – you may find you need a mid or lower lift only.

Facelifting procedures, from minor mini-lifts to the more extensive and longer lasting techniques are Stuart McNicoLL’s areas of special interest and expertise. All types of endoscopic brow lifts, neck lifts and blepharoplasty (eyelid lifting) are included in this field of expertise. For the ultimate results these procedures are often complimented with ancillary techniques such as the use of botulinum toxin injections (BOTOX®), dermal fillers, micro-fat injections, dermabrasion and laser techniques for skin tightening and contouring.

Breast surgery is an area in which Stuart McNicoLL is also known for his skill, his name synonymous with excellence in this area. Whether it be reconstructive or cosmetic work, his years in the extended surgical field means not only is your desired result achieved but it is further enhanced by his knowledge of changes which come about and affect post-operative results in accordance with the natural ageing process. Breast augmentation (implants), breast reduction and all types of breast lifts including short scar and peri-areolar (nipple) techniques are part of the extensive range of surgery he performs in this area.

In addition, Mr McNicoLL has extensive experience in body contouring through liposuction, brachioplasty (arm tucks), thigh lifts and abdominoplasty (tummy tucks). He has a particular interest in treatment of patients who have had massive weight loss after gastric bypass surgery. Body lifts and associated procedures are specialised areas of cosmetic surgery.

For the non-cosmetic patient, Mr McNicoLL’s extensive experience is drawn upon for this reconstructive surgery, in particular, breast reconstruction after mastectomy (breast removal) and the highly specialised area of melanoma and other serious skin cancers requiring plastic reconstructive surgery. He also performs surgery for correction of prominent ears and the reshaping of the nose.

While using the most advanced and safest techniques available, Stuart McNicoLL welcomes your enquiry and stresses the importance of the consultation to establish your areas of concern and the manner in which your enhancement can be scheduled. He is well aware that taking the first step can be a little daunting but you will quickly find, as many others have, that Stuart is warm and compassionate with an ability to interpret your concerns. With his vast experience in the extended surgical field, specialised fields of interest and expertise, you will be in the most discerning and caring of hands.

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