Mai Snelgrove BSc(Physiology), NDMDI, DMU, DMU(Vascular)


Mrs Snelgrove

Having completed a science degree at Massey University in 1993, Mai embarked on continuing her education in the field of medical imaging. Her particular interest in ultrasound led her to complete both the general diploma (2000) and finally the vascular diploma (2003) in medical ultrasound through the Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine which is based in Sydney.

Mai worked in Palmerston North Hospital for two years. She then transferred to Hamilton, where she worked at Waikato Hospital as a senior general and vascular sonographer for nine years. During this time she was involved extensively in training ultrasound students and medical registrars from many fields. She has also co-authored published articles in obstetric ultrasound.

Mai now works exclusively for Tristram Vascular Ultrasound. She has a particular interest in ultrasound guided interventional procedures which are performed in the clinic. She splits her time working three days a week in the clinic and the remainder as a stay-at-home mum.