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Please feel free to contact Debbie for further information.

Reception: 07 838 1035

[email protected]

Debbie Specializes in:

  • Areola Repigmentation

  • -Scar camouflage

Debbie Casson

Medical Tattooist

Debbie Casson works with the Tristram Clinic appearance medicine team, having worked in the beauty industry for many years. Debbie founded Lady Inc Cosmetic Tattooing, works from Tristram Clinic performing cosmetic nipple tattooing for ladies who have been through breast reconstruction surgery as a result of breast cancer.

Debbie works with the appearance medicine nurses to provide paramedical micro-pigmentation (cosmetic tattooing) eyeliners, eyebrows, lips and specializes in Areola Repigmentation and scar camouflage and does a lot of work with cancer survivors.

Debbie trained in New Zealand and completed her training followed by advanced training in areola micro-pigmentation and scar camouflage. Debbie has also travelled to America on many occasions to extend her knowledge and train further with some of the world’s best in the industry. In 2018 Debbie attended further training in the UK with the world’s best Areola specialist, Vicky Martin, doing VMM (Vicky Martin Method) and will continue to extend her training every year to keep growing in her field and to keep up to date with advancing practices. Debbie is fully trained in the art of cosmetic tattooing, particularly the areola after nipple construction or a 3D nipple if no nipple reconstruction was undertaken.

Debbie has an affinity with breast cancer sufferers as she was diagnosed with two forms of cancer in the space of a week in 2012. A rare type of sinus cancer and just days later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine mammogram.

Debbie totally understands the emotions of going through breast reconstructive surgery having been through the road of chemotherapy and radiation treatment and what cosmetic nipple tattooing can mean to a lady after undergoing breast reconstruction.

Debbie joined “Shocking Pink” a New Zealand-wide charity for women diagnosed with cancer and shares her story in talking with members of the group. During this she found that there was a large “gap” in the process of making a woman feel whole again. She calls it – “The Cherry of Top”.

The nipple repigmentation and 3D nipple cosmetic tattooing helps post mastectomy patients in creating the appearance of an areola after nipple reconstruction or, a 3D nipple can be created by shading with pigments giving the 3D effect. The camouflaging of scars provides another confidence booster. This is so essential for our patients to finish that journey, to be able to see yourself in the mirror and say “I look normal/I am normal”. I get the enjoyment of seeing their faces.

“Our aim is to give women back their self-esteem and confidence after a really tough journey. After treatment I see their faces full of enjoyment” says Debbie.