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Please feel free to contact Sonya for further information.

Reception: 07 838 1035

Sonya Specializes in:

  • Botulinum Toxin (Botox® and Dysport®)

  • Dermal fillers

  • Lip enhancement

  • Cheek and chin enhancement

  • Jawline redefinition

  • Temple hollowing correction

  • Tear trough

  • Fine lines and marionette region

  • Medical grade skin care

  • Hyperhidrosis treatment (excessive sweating)

Sonya Ferguson

Appearance Medicine Therapist

Sonya is a registered Comprehensive Nurse who joined Tristram Clinic in 1993 and was responsible for establishing the Tristram Appearance Medicine Clinic. Tristram Clinic was one of the first practices in New Zealand to inject Botox for cosmetic purposes. During 2001 Sonya achieved her basic Botox injection training and during early 2002 she achieved her advanced Botox training for the correction of wrinkles caused by muscle movement. Sonya has been a dermal filler trainer in New Zealand, training doctors and nurses on the most correct and up to date techniques and treatments with dermal fillers. Sonya attends yearly conferences to keep up to date with the latest international injection techniques and products. She believes that a safe, scientifically proven product and a natural result are important. Sonya has a special interest in cosmetic chemistry and is skilled in advising you about a specialized skincare routine.

Sonya offers a “Complimentary consultation” to discuss your concerns and will formulate a plan to achieve fresh natural results.Sonya offers the following treatments at Tristram Clinic