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Appearance Medicine at Tristram Clinic was first established in the early 1990s. The team includes some of the most advanced Appearance Medicine injectors in New Zealand with well over 20 years of personal dermal filler injecting experience each. Tristram Clinic was one of the first clinics in New Zealand to offer Botox for cosmetic purposes and patients' benefit from the wealth of experience from our injecting team.

The Appearance Medicine team consists of highly qualified Registered nurses who are supported by in house Consultant Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists. This means that by having a procedure at Tristram Clinic you can be assured that your safety will be paramount, the products used will be Medsafe approved and that you are receiving a treatment by an extremely qualified team of individuals.

Please note: Late cancellation might incur a cancellation fee.

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medical grade skincare

Sonya, Stella and Maddie have a special interest in medical grade skincare. Sonya comes from a pharmaceutical family and understanding of cosmetic chemistry is certainly an interest of hers. The Appearance Medicine team have been trained and have a wealth of experience in a vast array of skincare products and know what will work for you. They are interested in the ingredients in skincare and whether or not they will deliver on the marketing hype that often accompanies skincare products.

Tristram Appearance Medicine offers a “complimentary consultation” to assess your skincare needs and is very interested in making your skincare regime quick and easy but with delivering skin rejuvenation. They have spent a lot of time selecting a couple of skincare ranges, which contain highly specialized skin care products with active ingredients for skin rejuvenation and treatment of common skin problems.

Tristram Appearance Medicine stocks Environ, Art A Face, Ultraceuticals MD and One Truth 818 medical grade skincare ranges