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Laser Cosmetic treatments can make enormous improvements to a variety of appearance problems.

The Cutera laser offers Genesis skin therapy. This is an innovative technology, an advanced way to promote vibrant and healthy looking skin. Treating conditions that are typically associated with premature signs of aging and sun damage such as excessive redness, large pores, uneven texture and fine lines. The Laser Genesis has also been scientifically proven to produce new collagen.

With the most advanced design, and a longer wavelength, the Cutera Laser Coolglide can safely and effectively treat both tiny superficial face veins and deeper blue leg veins on men and women of all skin tones.

The Cutera also offers premium laser hair removal solutions for patients of all skin types and tones, from light to dark, including tanned patients. Its unique design, longer wavelength, and innovative cooling design, allow effective, safe and permanent results.

Cutera Laser Pearl procedure combines the impact of resurfacing lasers with the gentleness and safety of non-invasive procedures to treat ageing and undamaged skin. Pearl reduces wrinkles, uneven texture and solar damage with fewer treatments and less overall recovery than other technologies to provide a healthy, pearl like glow.

The Appearance Medicine team consists of highly qualified Registered Nurses and therapists who are supported by in-house Consultant Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists. This means that by having a procedure at Tristram Clinic you can be assured that your safety will be paramount, the products used will be Medsafe approved and that you are receiving a treatment by an extremely qualified team of individuals.

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Laser Genesis can treat a diverse range of conditions including acne and acne scarring, diffuse redness, scars, warts, fungal nail infections as well as safely and effectively improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Laser Genesis can help restore the skin’s youthful glow and appearance by smoothing out uneven texture caused by ageing and sun damage. It is also a very effective treatment to consider for post-operative scarring or for scarring left by teenage acne.

The technology of Laser Genesis makes this treatment very suitable for darker skin as well as Asian skin types. Often people with this skin type can struggle to find a suitable treatment as some treatments can cause unwanted side effects such as hyper- or hypo – pigmentation. The most common areas to be treated are the face and neck, forehead and cheeks, although great results can be achieved on most areas of the body. Diffuse redness is a commonly treated problem that is often associated with a skin condition called rosacea. Laser Genesis will help the appearance of redness by gently treating and reducing find blood vessels.

One of the most exciting things about Laser Genesis is that the treatment itself is very relaxing and therapeutic. There are very few treatments available that can have such great results without having to endure discomfort or down time! In fact you can return to work or normal activities immediately following treatment. Side effects following the treatment are very rare, with the most common noted being a slight redness that normally disappears within a few hours of treatment.

Laser Genesis will leave your skin rejuvenated and refreshed, restoring its youthful glow. Contact Megan today to see if Laser Genesis is suitable for you. Initial consultations are complimentary and we always welcome your enquiries.

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How many treatments?

<p>One-off treatments will result in subtle changes but dramatic improvements can be seen after a series of treatments. On average one might require 4 – 6 treatments in order to achieve optimal results. At Tristram Clinic personalized treatment plans are created for each patient ensuring the best possible results according to their individual needs and budget.</p>