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your visit

You may have some questions about your visit to Tristram Clinic, your procedure or even the costs of your surgery - some frequently-asked questions can be found below.

Should you have any other queries or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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patient fees

Fees vary for many reasons. Any estimate provided by clinic staff, especially over the phone, is an estimate only. When making an appointment we encourage patients to ask our receptionists for an estimate of the consultation cost. This is payable prior to leaving the clinic.

Your specialist will provide a cost estimate for your procedure during consultation.

Southern Cross Healthcare Society

Our clinic is an Affiliated Southern Cross Provider. In most but not all circumstances, consultations, ultrasound scanning and surgical procedures we will be dealing direct with Southern Cross Healthcare on your behalf. You will only hear from us where your type of policy has a shortfall that you will be required to pay.

Some surgical procedures may not be covered under our Southern Cross contract – your Surgeon will advise you of this. In such cases you will be given an estimate of costs and you must contact Southern Cross to obtain a Prior Approval – we cannot do this for you.

Patient fees – Insurance

The patient will generally pay all the fees to the Specialist. If you are insured you will seek reimbursement from your insurer. The value of the reimbursement will depend on the type of policy you have.

Prior approval

Most insurance companies and ACC require the patient to have written prior approval before having a surgical procedure and sometimes prior to an initial consultation. You must obtain this approval and provide a copy to our reception.

Please be aware - all medical insurers have their own specific policy requirements and the policyholder must ensure that they understand the terms of their specific policy or difficulties in obtaining reimbursement of costs may result. If in doubt contact your Insurer.