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your visit

You may have some questions about your visit to Tristram Clinic, your procedure or even the costs of your surgery - some frequently-asked questions can be found below.

Should you have any other queries or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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surgery location

Where will my surgery be carried out?

Tristram Clinic has two in-house operating theatres for surgical procedures requiring general and local anaesthetics. These procedures are not usually performed on the day of initial consultation. At the initial consultation, we will arrange your surgery for you at a time convenient to you, though please bear in mind that the length of time you may have to wait will depend on waiting lists, as well as the urgency and complexity of the procedure.

Patients requiring an overnight stay will be cared for at Tristram Clinic by our highly skilled staff.

Major surgery is performed at Braemar Hospital and Southern Cross Hospital.